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Building Investment Fund / Planned Maintenance Funds

Planned maintenance schedules (PMSs)/ Building Investment Funds identify and quantify a programme of works to a building’s fabric and services, usually over a 5-20 year period.

A quality PMS/BIF provides a bespoke plan of action for a building to ensure that its condition (and therefore its value as an asset) is preserved or even increased. Value for money is always a priority when service charges are a factor and this is where a properly thought-out, detailed schedule is indispensable.

Adopting a pro-active rather than reactive approach to building maintenance by putting in place a PMS/BIF provides numerous benefits for building owners and tenants alike.

Buildings that are looked after and managed properly generally have far fewer unforeseen problems, and these can of course be rectified before a more serious and expensive problem has manifested itself. Planning ahead also means that any major and disruptive work can be phased and coordinated in order to minimise inconvenience to occupiers. In short, a quality PMS offers certainty, control and considerable peace of mind.

“Omega Surveying Services” is able to offer an integrated building fabric and engineering services solution. In terms of the repair, upgrading or replacement of a building’s services, age and condition are not the only considerations. We also ensure that existing and known future legislative requirements are properly incorporated into the BIF/PMS, which may bring forward replacements or require additional health and safety works to be undertaken.

We can also offer total flexibility in producing different levels of schedules to suit exact requirements from broad overviews to detailed schedules of works that can easily be converted into specifications.

Together with listing and timetabling works, our BIF/PMSs are also accurately costed. Recognising that reliable cost estimations are vital for ongoing budget planning we base our costs on the latest industry-recognised pricing data coupled with drawing on our extensive experience in dealing with buildings of all sizes across the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

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