Services for Commercial Clients

Dilapidations Surveys

Dilapidation issues most commonly arise when a tenant fails to comply with its contractual leasehold obligations. The complexity of buildings coupled with the difficulty in interpreting leases has spawned countless disputes and court cases, which can make the business of determining exactly what liability exists is a demanding one.

“Omega Surveying Services” provide advice to Landlords and tenants of commercial buildings in respect of repair issues both during the currency of leases and the end in order to maintain asset value.

At the end of a lease we can advise on any disrepair issues and prepare terminal schedules of dilapidations, monitor any repairs or negotiate settlements between landlords and tenants

“Omega Surveying Services” also act for tenants in settling dilapidations, supervising repairs where required, ensuring that the tenant does not inherit unnecessary liability for repair.

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