Services for Property Managers

Project Management

From initial planning and design through to the procurement of tender, construction and post construction, “Omega Surveying Services” provides the Client with a full project management service.

We recognise that effective management of the construction process is important to achieve the right product to the required quality and specification on time and to budget. We offer a range of Project Management services acting as a single point of contact for the Client and advising on all stages of a project including cost control, construction, procurement and Project Team assembly.

Project management, as distinct from the design and contract administration functions involved in a project, involves the overall control, coordination and management of a project and its team. Risk identification is a permanent fixture on our agenda and the management of risk is maintained throughout the project cycle.

Construction projects can be complex and bring with them challenges that even a relatively experienced client may feel uncomfortable with. In these situations we can provide a client advisor service – effectively ‘putting ourselves into a client’s shoes’, adding experience to the client’s team and from there devising and putting into place a suitable forward strategy.

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