Services for Commercial Clients

Expert Witness

We offer an expert witness service in relation to building defects where we carry out a detailed analysis of the alleged defect to provide sound advice on the cause of the defect

Our forensic investigations are comprehensive and exhaustive so that we are able to distinguish the truth from allegations, and our expert witness testimony provides a credible account to the court so that they might make the most well-informed decision regarding our clients.

We examine structures, materials, systems, designs, installation sequencing and practices to uncover the cause of a problem and determine responsibility. Our experts investigate problems and advise our clients of the cause, solution and estimated costs associated with the corrective actions.

We have successfully provided expert witness on many projects to date and are involved in a number of expert witness cases at present.

Omega Surveying Services are equipped to provide the analytical support necessary to defend your side of a construction defect dispute.

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